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How To Set-Up Your LEO-PRO Account

Thank you for your decision to set up a LEO-PRO account

Below you will find step-by-step instructions to help you set up an account and add payment information:

  • Click LEO-PRO in the header menu.
  • Scroll down and click “Sign up for LEO-PRO".
  • The registration page will appear. Type in your company, the email of your administrator, and your administrator’s first and last name in the provided fields. 
  • You must review and agree to the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Check the boxes and hit submit. 
  • The email you submitted will receive an email to verify their account. In the email from LEO, click “Register User”.
  • The user will select a password to complete their user registration. They will need to enter it twice to confirm the password. Once this is complete, they will click “Register User”.
  • When “Launch” is clicked, the full profile will be visible. 

To connect a card for payment, click the grey “Manage billing account” found underneath Actions. 


To add your card information, click the dark blue “Update card info” button next to Card Information.

  • When the box appears, put in your credit card information with the corresponding name and address.
  • Click Submit to add your payment.
  • After this is complete, you will be returned to the Manage Payment Account page.

Thank you for your decision to set up a LEO-PRO account

Below you will find step by step instructions to help you set up managers, assistants, and profiles.

  • To begin, visit our website at
  • Click the “SIGN IN” button on the upper right corner of the site. 
  • Log in using your LEO-PRO credentials: email and password. 
  • Your account will appear upon a successful sign in. Click "Launch” to proceed.  
  • Click the corresponding green button for the role you would like to assign: “add administrator”, “add manager”, or “add assistant”. 
  • When one of these green buttons is clicked, a box will pop up asking for an email address of the person you would like to assign this role to
  • Enter an email and click “submit.”
  • The email you submitted will receive an email from LEO-PRO. They will need to accept the invitation in their email to be activated and fill out the user registration that includes first name, last name, and a password. 
  • After their signup is complete, they will then click “accept” on LEO-PRO.


  • After they accept, their status will change to active and you may assign them a role from the drop-down menu if you wish.