1. What is a Digital Estate Organizer?

    LEO Life Estate Organizer - Your Secure Digital Lockbox in the Cloud What Does LEO Do? Organizes and secures all the data needed to settle your estate. What Else Does LEO Do? Allows you to upload all your formal documents from estate and financial plans to insurance, personal history, and more. If it’s important to you, LEO secures it. What Doesn’t LEO Do? We do not manage or invest your money…Read More

  2. Have You Ever Had an Aha Moment?

    Have You Received a Facebook Notification Like This? I am sure all of us have had an Aha Moment when we suddenly see something in a new way. Well, I recently had an Aha Moment as I perused Facebook that might interest you. While checking my Facebook notifications, I received a birthday alert for a friend… who very sadly and suddenly passed away last year. That bittersweet reminder brought me bac…Read More

  3. What Happens to My Online Accounts When I Die?

    Think about it… how many online accounts do you access on a regular basis? 10, 20, 50, 100? Would it surprise you to know that most American email addresses are attached to 130 online accounts? So, what happens to all of those accounts when you pass away? Let’s dig in and see what you should know about access to those accounts and things you can do to protect your estate when you’re gone. Wh…Read More

  4. What Happens to My Social Media Accounts When I Die?

    Social media accounts are defined as any websites, applications and similar electronic means by which users are able to create and share information, ideas, personal messages and other content (including text, photos, messages, other posts and videos) or to participate in social networking. Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using…Read More

  5. What Do You know About Estate Planning? Take Our Quiz

    Do you picture something like this when you hear “Estate Plan”? If so, you are overthinking… and in some ways underthinking this type of planning. An “Estate” is simply “what you own” however large or small. An estate plan helps loved ones settle your accounts and belongings upon your death and can help them exercise your wishes if you become incapacitated. No plan? Your family or fr…Read More

  6. What Happens to Your Email Accounts When You Die?

    Ask yourself these questions: How many email accounts do you have? What happens to your email accounts if something happens to you? Can someone access your email accounts after you have passed? Laws governing email accounts in the United States can vary state by state and by your email account provider. You can be assured your email accounts will be treated differently after you die. If you have a…Read More

  7. How to Write An Obituary

    In our lifetimes it is inevitable a loved one, friend and we will pass away. It is an unfortunate fact. When this occurs, you may be called upon to write an obituary by yourself or along with others. You may even consider writing your own obituary. Below we have outlined our thoughts on this subject. First of all, what is the definition of an obituary? An obituary is a published notice of death. I…Read More

  8. 5 Key Questions to Ask to See if You Need a Financial Advisor?

    Thinking about your finances… and wondering if a financial advisor would be helpful? Ask yourself these 5 questions: Can you manage your own money or are you struggling to keep up? Do you have the knowledge to successfully invest your money? Do you have the discipline necessary to manage your money? Are you good at managing your money for the short and long term? Are you good at establishing mon…Read More

  9. 5 Reasons Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

    We really like this quote by Alan Lakein “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”  In short, that is what an Estate Plan does for you. As we have discussed before in our 7 Must-Have Estate Plan Documents, no matter what your economic status you should have an estate plan to protect your assets, whatever they may be, for yourself and your fa…Read More