Welcome to LEO – Life Estate Organizer Resources. We created LEO to be a helpful resource to people like you looking to organize their personal information and prepare estate plans, end-of-life plans, health directives and generally getting your affairs in order to provide your loved ones with the information they would need to execute your wishes. These detailed checklists will help you navigate some of the more challenging aspects of life planning and aging. Topics include Aging in Place, finding the right Assisted Living Community, and what to look for in a Long-Term Care or Nursing Home facility. We also have a checklist to help you get started documenting your personal information in your private, secure LEO account.

The checklists are available to download and print or you can save them as a PDF. We encourage you to mark them off as you go.

The LEO team is here to help you get organized. We desire for you to find the peace of mind that comes with being prepared, as so if we can assist you with your LEO account please reach out to us – Contact Us