Life Estate Organizer (LEO) is wholly owned by Quiet Sunset, LLC, a privately held Ohio company, located in North Bend, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Owner and founder, Lawrence D. Frey, developed LEO after experiencing first-hand the difficulties of settling a family estate after serving as an executor and helping a family member prepare a last will and testament. During these experiences he identified a need for a product to complement the legal documents, Will, DNR, insurance documents… and more thoroughly document life legacy information.

“No one knows more about your life and your estate… than you. When you’re gone so is that information. Without a proper plan, you’re leaving the settlement of your estate up to chance,” Lawrence Frey, President.


Our Core Values are Compassion, Honesty, Integrity and Service.


Life Estate Organizer was developed from our own experiences and with the help of a focus group of entrepreneurs, financial planners, estate attorneys and potential users. The product concept was tested throughout the various stages of development with these same groups ensuring Life Estate Organizer was being developed in a manner that would serve the needs of our clients.