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The Easy-to-Use Digital Organizing Tool for You & Your Clients

The Ideal Complement to Your Expert Services

LEO-PRO pairs your valuable services with our digital organizing and storage tool to secure peace of mind for your customers.

Clients can upload and store all prepared life & estate documents as well as capture personal details to make the settlement of their estate as easy and painless as possible.

Designed to support the efforts of estate attorneys, financial advisors, wealth managers, insurance professionals, and financial planners, LEO is... 

  • A comprehensive digital lockbox and organizer
  • Easy to manage, simple to use & affordable
  • All-inclusive secure storage for all critical life details, including:
    • Estate documents
    • Family history
    • End-of-life wishes
    • Passwords
    • Photos, pet care & more!
  • Bank-grade Security & Unequalled Support 
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LEO-PRO Helps You Help Your Clients..

Here's How...

  • LEO-PRO is quick, easy to set up and manage for you or your team.
  • LEO-PRO is a simple-to-use tool that makes it a whole lot easier and less overwhelming for your clients to gather and organize the critical documents and details of their life and estate.
  • LEO-PRO provides an added level of service leading to a better understanding of your client’s life and estate.
  •  LEO-PRO helps you discover shortcomings in the client’s planning and documentation.
  • LEO-PRO differentiates you from your competition.
  • LEO-PRO opens future opportunities with client’s loved ones, relatives, friends, LEO trustees, associates and future generations.

Join the LEO-PRO Team!

There is no better way to help your clients be prepared in this digital age. We offer attractive pricing, quantity discounts, and easy billing.

When you join LEO-PRO, you offer your clients the opportunity to digitally organize and store the complete complement of your professional services PLUS any personal, historical messages, photos, etc. that would complete their end-of-life planning and simplify the estate settlement process.

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LEO-PRO Value Proposition:

  • Full and unlimited access to the LEO app
  • Unlimited managers and client profiles
  • Unequaled license & client support
  • Bank-Grade Security for all accounts
  • Easy to set-up & simple to run
  • Co-branding collaboration opportunities
  • Use of the LEO marketing library (optional)

Partner with us today!


Reasonable Pricing Plan:

  • Just $5.00 per client profile, per manager per month up to (20) profiles 
  • Greater than 20 profiles, only $100.00 per manager, per month/flat fee
  • License fees will be billed throughout the term of the agreement based on the number of client profiles
  • Optional $100.00 annual fee for access and use of LEO marketing library content.   

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