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Everyone Benefits with LEO-PRO

Welcome to LEO-PRO!

A program designed to support the efforts of estate attorneys, financial advisors, wealth managers, insurance professionals, and financial planners like yourself.

LEO PRO is a value-added service you can provide to your clients to assist them in planning and finalizing their personal life and estate plans.

LEO is a comprehensive, secure, digital organizer that is easy to use and designed to walk individuals through the process of documenting their personal belongings, family history, end-of-life wishes and more. All the life and estate information that will be needed should your client become incapacitated or pass away.

LEO helps your client ensure their full wishes are realized,  provides a platform for them to leave a life legacy to their loved ones and makes for a quick and concise estate settlement.

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Everyone Benefits with LEO-PRO

Everyone Benefits with LEO-PRO

A LEO-PRO License helps you and helps your clients – here’s how:

  • Simplified client data collection makes planning easier.
  • Facilitates clients to complete their Estate Plans, beyond their MUST- HAVE DOCUMENTS.
  • Differentiates you from your competition.
  • Provides a more comprehensive picture of the client’s life and estate.
  • Opportunity to discover new client assets for management.
  • Opens future business opportunities with client’s loved ones, relatives, friends and associates.
  • Enables you to do a better job of advising your client.
  • Generates more income for you.
  • Improves client retention and trust.
  • Creates a strong bond between you and your client.

Join the LEO PRO Team!

A LEO PRO License grants you the legal right to resell LEO to your customers. For a small annual licensing fee, you can provide a valuable tool to your clients, have access to the full complement of LEO promotional content, and improve your client relationship. As LEO updates occur, there are no upcharges for the new content.

LEO-PRO Value Proposition:

  • Unlimited use of the LEO digital platform.
  • Full access to LEO marketing materials
  • Co-branding of website, app and collateral.
  • Multiple login capabilities for client, client’s loved ones and your staff.
  • Login/sign-up from your website or ours.
  • Dashboard indicating percentage of completion.
  • Use of LEO SSL Security System for secure storage of your client’s LEO-PRO data.
  • Five-year License Agreement between companies.
  • Unlimited number of LEO subscriptions can be sold.
  • Sales leads generated from our advertising program.
  • Reasonable pricing & unequaled support!

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Reasonable & Convenient Pricing Plan:

LEO licensing is agreed to in 5-year increments. The initial fee is $700.00 for the license and $350.00 per year for five years. The $350.00 amount is payable at the end of each of the five years.

If the account is terminated any time during the licensed period, final payment would extend to the end of the fiscal year termination occurred and no partial payments of the $350.00 annual fee nor the $700.00 licensing fee would be credited.

Contact the LEO team today to discuss this valuable program and how best to implement it for your customers.