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Free Emergency Contact List Checklist

Empowering You to Be Prepared in an Emergency

Being prepared for an emergency can be an actual lifesaver. Take a few minutes today to save vital minutes in a crisis with our comprehensive emergency planning checklist. Capture all your most important personal contacts plus household and non-household contacts, phone numbers and account numbers too! Print out your completed Emergency Contact List for quick reference.

We hope our guide offers some help to be prepared in an emergency!


How to Use the Checklist

• Download a hard copy
• Save it in your computer documents
• Bookmark it in your search bar

Download Guide

Starting With LEO

This checklist is also a great starting point for LEO - our easy-to-use digital planning tool. LEO is a safe and secure “digital lockbox” used to organize and store all of these documents and details; everything from your Last Will & Testament to financial records, life insurance, passwords, and more - stored in one place, simple to access and update at any time. 

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