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Only 45% of Americans have a Last Will and Testament or a Living Trust.

Only 38% have a Healthcare Power of Attorney.

Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the management and disposal of your possessions in the event of incapacitation or death.  An estate plan typically includes power of attorney, advance directives (living will dictating health-related wishes), trusts, charitable contributions and the bequest of assets to heirs in an effort to minimize gift, estate, generation skipping transfer and income tax. An estate plan includes a last will and testament, they are not one and the same.

A majority of Americans think that estate planning is important. So why is it that only 45% of Americans actually have an estate plan?

Why People Put Off the Process…

  • Expect it to be an expensive process.
  • Unsure how to go about creating an estate plan.
  • Feel they don’t have enough to share with anyone.
  • Foresee a long and complicated process.
  • Assume they can put it off until later in life.

Does any of that sound familiar? Whether you have a Last Will and Testament, Living Trust, DNR, etc. or not, Life Estate Organizer (LEO) can help you seamlessly transfer your wishes to your loved ones.

What Happens if You Don’t Prepare?

Estate Planning - Life Estate Organizer LEO

  • Would anyone understand your last wishes?
  • Would your loved ones uncover your life assets?
  • How will your estate be settled?
  • Who will be left with the burden of settling your estate?
  • Will the challenge to settle your estate sow discourse in your family or among your loved ones?

Contacts, expenses, insurances, accounts, pins, passwords, etc. all have to be recovered… who will know how to do all that in your absence?

The way to change this worst-case scenario into a best-case is called, LEO.

How Can You achieve “Peace of Mind”?

Estate Planning - Life Estate Organizer LEO

First of all, you’re not alone. Most people need help preparing an estate plan or planning the resolution of their estate beyond their Last Will and Testament… that’s entirely the reason behind LEO.  A subscription to LEO – LIFE ESTATE ORGANIZER will help you document everything that is important. So, if you choose to prepare a formal estate plan all your information is already gathered.  In addition, your formal documents can be uploaded to your private and secure LEO account so that everything is contained in one place for your loved ones to access should something happen to you.

LEO is an assurance policy providing a pathway for your loved ones to follow upon your incapacitation or death, giving them a clear understanding of your life, the extent of your estate and the estate issues to be resolved.  LEO is used to compliment a Last Will and Testament or to operate as a stand-alone document.  LEO documents what you have been involved with throughout your life and what you have accumulated over the years that you would like to share and/or have handled in your absence.  LEO is an investment whereby it continues to build information value for you, your loved ones and trusted individuals.  They become the beneficiaries of your life information and have a clear understanding of your estate and the issues related to all aspects of your estate.

We created LEO to help people like yourself.  LEO includes numerous life and estate issues for a person to select from to create your personal LEO.  LEO also gives you the ability to create and add something we may not have encountered or experienced.

LEO Makes It Easy

Learn more about LEO? Simply go to and check out our story, product features, security, FAQs, helpful blogs and more! Then…

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL! For 14 days you can check out LEO directly and see firsthand how LEO will help you organize your life and estate plan. At only $5/month or $57/year, LEO is a GREAT VALUE to you, and those you love.

Enjoy Peace of Mind. It’s difficult to sit down at a blank slate to think about all you have to do to organize your life and estate issues. So, don’t do that. Get started with LEO and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done what you could to prepare.


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