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Free Assisted Living Checklist

Finding the right Assisted Living Residence for yourself or an aging Loved One is a big step. Using this checklist will guide you to ask vital questions and cover all the bases to find the home that is best for your needs.

An assisted living residence is often sought for adults who are unable to live independently and require custodial care versus round-the-clock care. Assisted living provides a home-type environment and residents can receive a variety of services.

As you embark on this journey it’s important to:

  • Be realistic.  
  • Define the current and future needs of your loved one(s).
  • Develop a budget and approximate timeframe for the services your loved one will need


The LEO team wishes you success in your journey! 

How to Use the Checklist:

• Download a hard copy
• Save it in your computer documents
• Bookmark it in your search bar

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Starting With LEO

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