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It is very easy to plan for an event when you know the date…

  1. Christmas is always December 25
  2. Independence Day is always on July 4th.
  3. Your birthday is on the same date every year.

However, it is nearly impossible to plan the timing of an uncertain event: an accident, catastrophic weather or fire, or critical health incident.

Catastrophic events interfere with our lives.  These occurrences affect you as an individual, your family members, friends, fellow workers, advisers, community members, etc.

One common element to all of these events, is you never know when the event might occur.

What Could Happen?

Life Estate Organizer - LEOConsider what might happen if one of the events listed above happened to you and you died.  What would be the possible outcome if you aren’t prepared?

  1. Life information you had, exists no more.
  2. Details of your estate may be unknown.
  3. Important documents are missing and possibly unrecoverable.
  4. Your computers, telephones, storage devices are wiped out.
  5. Your furniture, jewelry, watches, artwork, photos, etc. are ruined.

Contacts, expenses, insurances, accounts, pins, passwords, etc. etc. all have to be recovered and reestablished and who will know how to do all that in your absence?

However, there is a way to change this worst-case scenario into a best-case scenario and it’s called, Life Estate Organizer… but you can just say, “LEO”.

What Can Be Prevented?

If you had subscribed to LEO, the following would have occurred:

  1. Your loved ones and trusted individuals would have access to your digitally stored life and estate information with LEO being available to them upon your death.
  2. Your loved ones and trusted individuals would have known you had prearranged your funeral with a funeral home or known your after-death preferences.
  3. Your Estate Settlement documents such as your Last Will and Testament, Estate Plan and other documents were digitized, uploaded to LEO and remain protected, unlocked and accessible by those you trust.
  4. Your loved ones and trusted individuals would know who to contact regarding your death, insurances, creditors, brokers, bankers, advisers, account balances, online accounts, etc.
  5. Your important files, documents, photos, etc. were digitized, uploaded, stored to LEO and remain safe and sound.
  6. All of your belongings have been documented in LEO. You described each item, took pictures, assigned a dollar value and uploaded the information along with photos for insurance purposes.
  7. You are gone but you responsibly filled out and updated your LEO, which contains all of your current life and estate information.
  8. Your LEO was stored in georedundant facilities, meaning in two different geographical locations such that if one was damaged or destroyed in the fire, hurricane or tornado your LEO information was still secure.
  9. Your LEO provided an information trail to the completion of settling your estate as directed by you and provides life information for future generations.
  10. You can rest easily knowing LEO will guide your loved ones and trusted individuals to a timely and successful resolution of your estate.

Life Estate Organizer - LEOBottom line, it’s important to you and those you leave behind to organize your estate plan and your end of life plans.

Your Private LEO Account Will Allow You to:

  1. Communicates the extent of your estate beyond your Last Will and Testament.
  2. Provides life and estate information to loved ones and trusted individuals in your absence.
  3. Your life information could help other family members for generations to come.
  4. You documented the elements of your estate.
  5. You have provided a pathway of information for ease of settling your estate.
  6. You made sure loved ones and trusted individuals have the information needed to settle your estate.
  7. Your life and estate information are stored in a safe, secure, georedundant location.
  8. Nothing will be overlooked due to the documentation of your estate.
  9. Your planning reduces or eliminates arguments about your intentions because of decisions you made prior to your departure, communicated through LEO, administered by your executor.
  10. You prepared yourself, loved ones and trusted individuals for when your last moment occurs.

What are My Next Steps?

Accept our FREE TRIAL and explore all the other things LEO can do for you and your loved ones. Sleep well and enjoy that peace of mind that comes from knowing you are prepared for the unforeseen.

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 “Good order is the foundation of all things”


Edmund Burke