Estate Planning

Do you picture something like this when you hear “Estate Plan”? If so, you are overthinking… and in some ways underthinking this type of planning.

An “Estate” is simply “what you own” however large or small. An estate plan helps loved ones settle your accounts and belongings upon your death and can help them exercise your wishes if you become incapacitated.

No plan? Your family or friends are left to navigate blindly regarding your personal accounts, effects, and belongings. Often this requires spending precious time and money and results in conflict among family members.

Keep the peace and leave behind the loving legacy you desire.

Take our quiz to find out if you would benefit from an Estate Plan and thoughtful Life Organizing.

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Do It All with LEO

Try Life Estate Organizer – LEO today! LEO organizes all your personal data, documents and more. It’s your own secure, digital lockbox that keeps your belongings, wishes, bequeaths, personal history, photos and more organized and available to the person(s) you trust most to exercise your wishes one day. It’s the perfect complement to a formal estate plan or it is legally acceptable documentation on its own.

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