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LEO Life Estate Organizer – Your Secure Digital Lockbox in the Cloud

  • What Does LEO Do? Organizes and secures all the data needed to settle your estate.
  • What Else Does LEO Do? Allows you to upload all your formal documents from estate and financial plans to insurance, personal history, and more. If it’s important to you, LEO secures it.
  • What Doesn’t LEO Do? We do not manage or invest your money or handle estate matters. Instead, we are a secure tool to store your personal data digitally to simplify the process of settling your estate.
  • What Else Doesn’t LEO Do? We never access your data… ever. Your information is secured, and only you and your trusted proxy have access to your private files.

Why You Should Consider LEO Life Estate Organizer?

Life changes quickly, and having the details of your life organized and secure where a trusted individual can access them on your behalf is a lifeline to help handle or settle matters as you would if you could.

Life Estate Organizer helps you organize the details of your life and your estate into a digital lockbox where your content is safe and secure. The ability to store all your information in one place for quick, easy access saves stress, money, confusion, and pain.

Plus, LEO provides helpful resources to guide you through many of life’s complex planning processes such as Estate Planning, considering Assisted Living, Emergency Planning, and more.

Take a look at 7 Must-Have Estate Plan Documents to get you started on your Life & Estate organizing journey.

Try LEO for Free with our 30-Day Trial Offer. Take a look at our easy-to-use template design. It’s customizable for each user –fill in what is significant to you and leave blank anything that doesn’t apply. You’ll be amazed at all the issues to consider and document, which is why LEO is so valuable. When you’re ready, download the Getting Started Checklist to walk you through the process.

If you have questions, the LEO team is here for you with FAQs & a Glossary at your fingertips, or you can Contact our support team. Remember, life changes quickly. So let us help you prepare.

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From All of us at LEO