Have You Received a Facebook Notification Like This?

I am sure all of us have had an Aha Moment when we suddenly see something in a new way. Well, I recently had an Aha Moment as I perused Facebook that might interest you.

While checking my Facebook notifications, I received a birthday alert for a friend… who very sadly and suddenly passed away last year. That bittersweet reminder brought me back to our blog What Happens to my Social Media Accounts When I Die?

In this case, as is common, this individual’s Facebook account has remained open despite their passing. Might it be because the family hasn’t gotten around to closing it? Or, perhaps, it is too difficult to close it without the proper login credentials. It’s a challenge left to remedy for the person’s loved ones if the necessary account details are not documented somewhere safe. That’s where LEO can help.

LEO is simple to use. Just fill in the blanks or upload documents, pictures, etc. You choose the data fields you want to enter and leave blank those that don’t pertain. The account locks like a safe… in fact it is shielded with bank-grade security to protect your private information. All that your executor, spouse, or chosen representative has to do is access your LEO account to find all the details they need to settle your estate, the way you’d want it to be settled.

Unless someone takes the initiative to deactivate, close, memorialize or delete your online accounts, many of those accounts just remain open into perpetuity.

Is it problematic for social media accounts to remain open?  In a word, Yes. Our blog spells out the details and provides direction for securing your content in all the major social media sites.

My Aha Moment reminded me that the work we are doing with Life Estate Organizer is worth it. LEO and the information shared with our followers has great value.

We hope you will give LEO a try. If you do, you will enjoy Peace of Mind knowing you left your loved ones with a pathway to resolve your estate issues and you’ve communicated your life and legacy in the way that represents your wishes.