“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

Alan Lakein

Life Estate Organizer - LEO

Estate Planning by the Numbers

Statistically, Americans can always do a better job of life and estate planning:

  • 59% of Americans have Life Insurance.
  • 17% of Americans have Financial Advisors.
  • 45% of Americans have a Last Will and Testament.
  • 38% of Americans have a Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • There are no Percentages for Americans who document life and estate issues.

One would think these percentages would be much higher.

  • Could it be we are afraid of the inevitable?
  • Could it be Americans do not want to plan up to and for their departure from this life?
  • Could it be one does not know where to start?
  • Maybe you should just figure it out, I had too.
  • After all, I am not going to be here, it will not matter to me.

Interestingly enough, 75% of Americans do their own Financial Planning.  Americans have a Can-Do Attitude, like to be independent and trust their own capabilities.  Couple these American attributes with the availability of proven financial tools that exist to make it easier for an individual to successfully manage, trade and track their own investments, you have a reason why.

Having stated the above, I believe most people would like to depart this life knowing they have confirmed their life information to their loved ones and left their estate in good shape, meaning they identified the estate issues that needed to be addressed with a clear pathway to completion by their loved ones and trusted individuals.

Why is Managing Your Personal Estate Important?

Let’s start with the life section of Life Estate Organizer (LEO).  What do you want your family and trusted individuals to know about your life?LEO - Life Estate Organizer

  • Who you are?
  • What you have accomplished?
  • Where you have been?
  • Why you are the way you are?
  • How would you define your life?
  • What are the details of your life you would like to share?
  • Your physical characteristics?
  • Your medical history?
  • Your ancestry?
  • Etc.
  • Go to our website or Facebook Page, start a FREE TRIAL and see all the life information you can share.

Your family today and family of tomorrow will be truly appreciative that you took the time to share your life information.  The medical information you document could save the life of your Great Granddaughter.  Sharing your work ethic and beliefs might inspire your Great Grandson to become a Doctor.  Your departure letters would help ease the pain of your absence.  I believe these reasons alone clearly explain why is it important to communicate your life information.

What about your estate?  How important is it to communicate your estate?  Estate Planning is defined as allowing an individual to decide exactly who will benefit from their estate, and to what extent.  A Last Will and Testament (LWT) effectively administrates this function.  Mostly, your financial assets are identified and distributed to your beneficiaries via an LWT.

However, your estate plan and LWT do not define all the other things that need to be addressed regarding your estate.  For example:

  • Social media accounts, Email addresses, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?
  • Computers, cell phones, external drives, software, online storage, files, photos?
  • Online banking, online retail, checking and savings accounts, brokerage accounts?
  • Maintenance expense, ongoing expenses, alarm systems, keys, combinations, codes?
  • Loans, insurance policies, titles, important documents?
  • Etc.
  • Go to our website or Facebook Page, start a FREE TRIAL and see all the estate information requiring resolution.   

How Do I Handle All This “Stuff”?

LEO - Life Estate OrganizerAre you familiar with the comedian George Carlin and his comedy routine titled “STUFF”? Not only is it funny, but he does a good job of defining how we accumulate “STUFF”.  Even to the point we may have to buy a bigger house to store our “STUFF”. In today’s world, especially Americans, have so much “STUFF”:  cars, boats, motorcycles, dirt bikes, street bikes, furniture, art work, china, silverware, rings, watches, jewelry, etc.  What happens to all this “STUFF”?

Where is all this estate information located regarding these items that needs to be effectively dealt with?  Who is going to resolve the issues?  Who to contact?  Where is the information?  How does closure occur?

It may seem a bit overwhelming when you really start to think about what you have, where it is located and what should happen to it after you are gone.  How should you go about the process of identification and making these decisions?

The answer is LEO.  We have created a tool named Life Estate Organizer, LEO, for you.  LEO was developed to identify a full menu of life and estate issues for our subscribers to choose the relevant issues that relate to you, your life and your estate and communicate all this information to your loved ones and trusted individuals upon your departure.   All you have to do is fill in the blanks.  It is that easy.

In summary, if you are one of the many who have a financial plan, life insurance, financial advisor, manage your own financial investments or plan to organize your life and estate you should subscribe to LEO.

  1. No one can communicate more about your life and your estate than you.
  2. LEO is a tool, designed for people like you who believe in having a plan.
  3. LEO helps you efficiently organize your life and estate information.
  4. LEO communicates your life and estate information to your loved ones and trusted individuals.
  5. LEO provides a clear pathway to resolving your life and estate issues after you are gone
  6. LEO gives you Peace of Mind, knowing you have left your life and estate in good order.

Please go to our website lifeestateorganizer.com for more information and to start your FREE TRIAL.