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Security in our life is a very important issue.  It is crucial to have in our finances and all matters surrounding our personal and social life.  We go to great lengths to protect ourselves from danger and should expect the same level of diligence with regards to our private data.

Life Estate Organizer (LEO) is the answer to the question of how do I secure my personal information in the digital age? While it is important for you to account for what you have accomplished in your life and document estate issues as a part of your life plan, all of that information must be protected.

Life Estate Organizer app goes that extra mile to protect what is so very valuable to you and your loved ones. LEO’s security system, named LSS (LEO Security System) is designed for one purpose, to keep your data safe and secure.

Data Center Protection

LEO has an application and database server. Both server systems are hosted in a secure data center operated by Reperio. The Data Center is staffed and monitored 24/7/365 and has secured entry. All of your information is stored on a geo-redundant back-up server system in addition to the primary server system with the same level of security as the primary system.

Monitoring & Access Protection

Life Estate Organizer - Digital OrganizerAll access attempts to the database are monitored, logged for security purposes and identified for corrective action to be taken if required. Access to both the application server and the database server are protected by state-of-the-art RSA-2048 encryption keys.  As stated in the described link, with Standard Desktop Computing Power it would take 6.4 quadrillion years to break one of these keys. See DigiCert for more information. Encryption keys and passwords are accessible only to managers of the software development team.

All web traffic to and from the application server is protected by a bank-grade SSL certificate using TLS 1.2 with AES-256 encryption. For further information, click on the Padlock icon which precedes the https in the search bar.

User Login & Verification

Life Estate Organizer - Digital OrganizerWe strongly encourage all users to set up the optional two-factor authentication. With email two-factor authentication an email message with an access code is sent to the user’s email address at the time of login. Login can only be accomplished by having both, which prevents unauthorized access to someone’s account. You can choose to grant access to trusted individuals, reference the Estate Settlement Section in the app labeled: Trusted Individuals.

Your data remains safe and secure every step along the way from trial to subscription, to storage and retrieval. The latest in security technology is deployed and upgraded with technology advancements.

Protecting your LEO account is our #1 Concern.

Let LEO deliver the peace of mind. Use LEO to document important information about your life and estate that you want to share with those you leave behind. You have complete control as to who has access to your LEO account… we protect the rest.

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