Of course, you can!  Organizing your life and estate plan is like anything else… You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  Keep working toward your goal and before you know it your goal will be accomplished.  Goals have to be defined.  They have to be specific.

For example, consider the goal of building your own house.  What specific issues to do you have to address to accomplish the goal?

  1. What type of house are you going to build?
  2. Where is it going to be built?
  3. How big will it be?
  4. How many rooms will it have?
  5. Who is going to do all the work?
  6. What decorating decisions do I have to make?
  7. In what sequence do I make decisions and arrange for the house to be built?
  8. How will I finance the house?
  9. What other decisions do I have to make?
  10. So many decisions to achieve the end result.

How are you going to build the house and take care of the other things happening in your life?  Would you be better served to hire a builder?  The builder knows all the things that have to be done, the sequence in which they should be accomplished and has employees or contractors who know how to perform the work.  The builder would do a better job, at a lower price, better quality, a shorter time frame, allow you to make building decisions and leave you to attend the other important things in your life.

What Do You Do Best?

This reminds me of the time I was trimming a large maple tree at our house.  I received a phone call from a business associate.  My wife, Mary Ann answered the phone and the associate asked for me.  Mary Ann said wait a minute, he is in a tree, trimming limbs.  I climbed out of the tree, answered the phone and was immediately scolded by my associate.  He said what are you doing in that tree?  Why aren’t you doing what you do best?  Pay an arborist to trim that tree.  You devote your time to doing business and growing the company.  That is what you do best!  Not trimming trees!

So, why not leave communicating your life and estate organization plan up to our digital life and estate planning program, LEO.  We’ve created Life Estate Organizer, LEO, for you.  LEO was developed to identify a full menu of life and estate issues for our subscribers to choose the relevant issues that relate to you, your life and your estate and communicate all this information to your loved ones and trusted individuals upon your departure.   All you have to do is fill in the blanks.  It is that easy.

Experience Counts

By selecting Life Estate Organizer, LEO, to organize your life and estate is comparable to hiring that builder to build your house or hiring that arborist to trim your tree.  You can figure out how to organize your life and estate, but are you doing what you do best?  Do you really have the time to delve into all those details, starting from scratch, figuring out all the things to do and devoting that rare commodity time to sorting all this out when LEO is available to do the job for you.

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating LEO.  We talked to individuals, entrepreneurs, programmers, estate attorneys, financial planners and potential subscribers about the structure of LEO and defining all of the life and estate issues LEO represents for our subscribers to select and create their own LEO.

LEO is EASY to Use

We made LEO easy to use:

  1. Structured templates for inputting life and estate information.
  2. The right fonts and color schemes to make the task more pleasing.
  3. Drop-down menus for quick entry of data.
  4. Streamlined pages presenting the data fields concisely and in an understandable way.
  5. Incorporated into LEO relative life and estate issues.
  6. Created a storage system to upload important documents, photos, family information, etc.
  7. Developed the LEO Security System (LSS) to protect your sensitive data.
  8. Created a means of distributing LEO to loved ones and trusted individuals in the event of a disabling event or a subscriber’s departure from this life.
  9. Created a means of communicating what your life was about and what you have that needs to be resolved by someone in your absence.
  10. We did this for people like you to get the job done as you would consider doing it.

We believe LEO provides our subscribers what they are looking for to communicate their life and estate issues.  Your life issues are clearly outlined.  Your estate issues are identified and immediately ready to be taken care of in an expedient and complete manner such that no one has to labor over locating these issues to achieve closure of your estate.

As Orison Swett Marden said, “A good system shortens the road of the goal.”

Please sign up for a FREE TRIAL and browse through LEO.  We think you will find what you are looking for to communicate your life information and estate issues.  LEO will help you accomplish your goal and give you Peace of Mind knowing you did your very best to create your closure plan.

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