Life Estate Organizer (LEO) is about estate planning, but not in the manner you might think –we aren’t asking you to invest your money in an investment program. That is not us! Our investment request provides you with Peace of Mind in a much different way. LEO provides a secure, organized, comprehensive digital archive of all that you wish to share with loved ones should you pass away or become incapacitated. As a helpful resource, we are sharing 7 Things to Know Before You (or a Loved One) Pass Away.

What is to be done if you or a loved one were to die, and how can LEO assist in setting important family, financial, and legal matters?

  1. Your LEO account is unlocked by the trusted individuals you assigned to handle your final goodbyes, settle your estate matters, and anything else you identified in your LEO profile.
  2. Critical documents that you uploaded and preserved in your LEO account are accessible to your trusted designees. Among these documents could be your Last Will and Testament, formal estate plan, and financial documents such as tax or stock certificates, etc.
  3. Your designees are able to address the needs of your dependents (children, spouse, pets, etc.), making sure they are safe, secure, and cared for until other decisions are made.
  4. Your LEO profile provides your designees with your desired wishes and plans related to your funeral and burial/remains.
  5. If organ donation is an option, that information will also be found in your LEO profile.
  6. A list of contacts can be found in the LEO/Profile Owner/Contacts section of your profile to make it easy to notify those closest to you. This would include your attorney and financial advisor if you indicated.
  7. The executor of the estate will have the information to notify attorneys, advisors, investors, employer, partners, etc. of your passing and initiate actions such as the need for probate, securing assets, administering the financials of the estate, securing assets, covering expenses, managing investments, etc. as the estate settlement process takes place.

There are many things that will require attention by your executor and others throughout the estate settlement process. A LEO subscription helps you prepare so that everything can be dealt with as painlessly as possible. When in doubt, the executor of the estate should consult with attorneys, financial advisors, and others as required to administer your estate as if you were still alive.

Every life and estate is different. LEO captures a significant amount of your life information and helps distributeĀ itĀ to trusted individuals.

We encourage you to Subscribe to LEO.

Help your loved ones through the process by taking the time to document your life and estate with LEO. It will help them and will provide you with peace of mind knowing you are prepared.